3DNFC- Custom Smart Solutions


Don’t let your brand be diminished by poor packaging.

Our eco-friendly 3D printed containers may be the ideal solution for attractively packaging a variety of small products.

  • The Wood-filled screw-top containers could be a great option for discreet packaging of lipsticks or balms & conditioners.
  • Try using the small Copper Wood Top container for bespoke packaging of rings and earrings, etc…

With 3DNFC, options and sizes are limited only by your needs and imagination, so you’re sure to find the perfect container packaging solution for your full line of products.

From custom ring boxes that protect your most valued pieces to retail-ready eyeglass cases, and flexible, impact-resistant organizers that display accessories for easy access, you’ll find a wide range of unique cases and 3D printed container storage solutions at 3DNFC. Need a countertop organizer that makes the most of a small space? We have a few to choose from.

Find unique boxes, containers, and organizational ideas for your products, and special designs that make thoughtful gifts and great SWAG.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Tell us about your product or project and we’ll help you discover an affordable and attractive solution that fits your brand.

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