3D Printing Use Cases

3D Printing in Signage and Retail Displays

The next generation of technology is transforming marketing and the way advertising & themed environments are created. With Additive Manufacturing, objects for retail, staging, display, events, and architectural design can be produced more affordably. Objects can be fabricated in any size and shape without the restrictions of traditional methods. 3D printing in signage and retail

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Construction-3D Printing Use Cases

Architecture As an industry already based on geometric design, prototyping and modeling, architecture stands to gain enormously from advances in 3D printing technology. We’ve seen the digital workflow produce complex architectural scale models in full detail, improving the 3D modeling phase of architectural design. On top of saving time during model production, the 3D printed models allow architects

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Art-3D Printing Use Cases

Sculptures The boom in “additive art” has been growing by degrees over the last decade or so, and we’ve seen 3D printing techniques infiltrate various corners of the art world, from consumer artworks to sculpture fit for the Smithsonian. Using 3D photographic scanning systems to create physical artwork, 3D printing processes can provide a lot

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Movies and Visual Effects-3D Printing Use Cases

3D printing has already been integrated into the production of Hollywood films and is widely used for practical visual effects and costuming. Whereas the creation of film’s most fantastic creatures once required meticulous handcraft, the increased deadline pressure and time demands of modern moviemaking have made a quicker method of creating practical effects vital. Effects

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