3DNFC- Custom Smart Solutions

Streamline your Point of Purchase

Convert More Customers with NFC & 3D Printing


Whether in-store, at a conference, or at the next Pop-Up, your brand should Pop-Out and engage more customers with your Smart, Contactless Solutions. 3DNFC brings the benefits of digital marketing to physical products, objects, and packages, and this connection can be leveraged throughout the entire customer journey, from pre-purchase to post-purchase.


Custom parts, prototypes, and Contactless products

Additive Manufacturing, commonly known as 3D printing, makes it easier to create small quantities of an item, with high quality, the perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs, and small or growing businesses. 3D printing is an innovative technology that lets you create a physical object from a digital model. Product designers and engineers upload a digital (CAD) file to a 3D printer, which then prints a solid 3D object.

Our Smart Additive Manufacturing process embeds an NFC (Near Field Communication) chip within your custom 3D printed object making it much easier to manage your content and user experiences leading to higher conversions.

Functional Parts

  • Meticulous Design
  • Collaborative Iteration
  • High Quality Materials

Replicable Designs

  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Machine Precision
  • Dependable Outcomes

Low Volume Manufacturing

  • Hand Finished
  • Working Prototypes
  • Bespoke Products
NFC Authentication for shoes. Photo by Andrew Tanglao

NFC brings the benefits of digital marketing to physical products and packages

With an embedded NFC chip, a user simply waves their smartphone over your 3D Printed Solution to send or receive information without needing to touch the object or go through multiple steps setting up any connections. Owners, Brand managers, and Keyholders can update Smart objects from any web-connected device.
A simple NFC tag embedded in your shelf-talker, POS display, mounted poster — or even the product itself — can deliver the additional information that can motivate buyers to act.

  1. NFC delivers intuitive experiences to digital native and mobile-first shoppers

  2. NFC addresses consumer preference for speed, convenience, and control

  3. NFC enables a personalized digital experience unique to each unit of product

  4. NFC integrates easily into every step of the consumer journey/customer experience