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Low Volume Manufacturing- OWG Glasses Set

Additive Manufacturing, commonly known as 3D printing, makes it easier to create small quantities of an item, with high quality. One of the best solutions for entrepreneurs and small or growing businesses, 3D printing is an innovative technology that lets you create a physical object from a digital model. Product designers, engineers, and even you can easily upload a digital (CAD) file to a 3D printer, which then prints a solid 3D object.

3D Printing | Custom Smart Solutions solutions

Glass Bed Release

The 3DNFC Glass Bed Release agent is an eco-friendly solution designed to help you quickly loosen and remove 3D prints from hot or cold glass beds and other build surfaces.

3DNFC Glass Bed Release dissolves on its own, promotes a faster separation from glass print surfaces, and works with PETG as well as most other consumer-grade filaments.

3D Printing | Custom Smart Solutions solutions

Improved experience, Increased conversions

@3DNFC, one of our processes embeds an NFC (Near Field Communication) chip within your custom 3D printed object. Making your 3D printed object interactive brings the benefits of digital marketing to your physical products and packaging.
This connection can be leveraged for an improved customer experience throughout the entire consumer journey, from pre-purchase to post-purchase.

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3D Printing | Custom Smart Solutions solutions

NFC brings the benefits of digital marketing to physical products and packages

With an embedded NFC chip, a user simply waves their smartphone over your 3D Printed Solution to send or receive information without needing to go through multiple steps. Owners, Managers, and Key holders can update their 3DNFC Smart objects anytime, from anywhere.


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