How can NFC help your brand growth?

How can NFC Help Your Brand Growth?

NFC increases Brand Growth and ROI Because Its use-cases span the entire customer journey and product life-cycle

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What Are The Advantages of NFC?

  • With NFC-enabled products, businesses can provide branded content directly to customers in-store long before a sales rep can take note. Once a customer understands the value of a product and is ready to purchase they can skip the checkout line, and instead purchase the item right from their phone.
  • After the sale, brands can provide value-add content to consumers to ensure they get the most out of their purchase. Brands can use this new stream of customer insight to fuel future product decisions.

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Why Are Businesses Adopting NFC?

The power of NFC means the technology can often work best when embedded in consumer products – creating an authentic connection between brands and customers. This connection can be leveraged throughout the entire customer journey, from pre-purchase to post-purchase.

NFC is the right tool to strengthen customer relationships and enhance the customer experience by making in-store and post-sale engagement simple and compelling.

  • NFC delivers intuitive experiences to digital native and mobile-first shoppers
  • NFC addresses consumer preference for speed, convenience, and control
  • NFC brings the benefits of digital marketing to physical products and packages
  • NFC enables a personalized digital experience unique to each unit of product
  • NFC integrates easily into every step of the consumer journey/customer experience
  • NFC provides a simple and straightforward experience
  • No codes or apps are needed.
  • NFC has a high customer perception
  • NFC has high adoption
  • NFC has high security / Authentication
  • NFC has high value – Use-cases span the entire customer journey & product life-cycle.

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When is my business ready to use NFC?

Because NFC tags can be embedded into consumer goods, and are not discarded after the sale, they are a highly effective way to deploy engaging experiences throughout the entire customer journey. Consequently, brands can now engage customers after the sale with value-add content and gain customer feedback to inform better product decisions. As a result, NFC extends the value chain for almost any product.

With its vast capabilities having been embraced by Apple, NFC’s rapid adoption is a result of the technology’s many advantages. Consumers often see this technology as more sophisticated than QR codes, causing NFC-enabled products to become highly sought-after items.

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Why is NFC a great fit for my brand?

NFC tags, sometimes referred to as “Smart Tags”, encourage interaction while increasing conversions, brand awareness, and engagement. Use-cases for NFC span the entire customer journey & product life-cycle.


  • Smart packages and hangtags drive Education, Sales, and reorders
  • Mobile connections allow customers to Share reviews and access sales
  • Ads integrated into print and out of home media- increases traffic to the store
  • Book a showroom appointment- for a personalized shopping experience
  • Connect to store wi-fi
  • Pre-sale product messaging
  • Product Authentication
  • Digital Signage
  • Quick link for shoppers to download the relevant app
  • Access Product Information (Virtual salesperson)
  • Couponing and loyalty integration
    Connect to a chatbot to answer questions
  • Fast, simple, secure payment
  • Mobile point of sale integration
  • Endless Aisle- Links to a retailer’s e-commerce when a product is not available in store
  • At-shelf experiences that encourage purchases
  • Get social proof!: Connect to social media and/or reviews
    Post Purchase
  • Post sale product messaging
  • Connect to a community with shared interests
  • Product Authentication
  • Automated or subscription purchases
  • E-commerce to cross-sell and up-sell
  • Instant secure pairing
  • Connect to support and customer service
  • Provide timely feedback
  • Warranty registration
  • Personalized Gifting
  • Access Instructions and Maintenance info
  • Product re-order
  • Branded content
  • Product information
  • Authentication
  • Up-sell / Re-sell
  • Exclusive content & offers
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