The 3 best ways to Integrate NFC into your product Line

Aside from creating dynamic, interactive advertising campaigns, NFC technology can streamline your workflow, processes, and consumer communication. Products integrated with NFC contain a microchip that can be read by any NFC smartphone or device.

How do I Integrate NFC Tags into my products?

NFC opens up a whole new world of interactivity, helps prevent counterfeiting, and grey market diversion and helps brands connect with their consumers. There are three general ways to integrate NFC Tags into your products. We’ll have a brief look at each of them below.

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Fully Integrated tags

Essentially, the NFC tags are fully integrated or embedded into your product during the manufacturing process. In the case of a pair of shoes, the tag might be in the liner. Often, an NFC tag can be found behind the outward face of 3DNFC products.

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Additional hangtag 

With an Additional hangtag, NFC is added to additional swing tags, PVC cards, or similar items which are either attached or provided with the product. For example, a luxury watch might include an authentication card within the presentation box.

Here is an example of using a hangtag with NFC technology:

Imagine you are shopping for a new pair of sneakers. You find a pair that you like and pick them up to examine them more closely. Attached to the sneakers is a hangtag with NFC technology.

Hang TagYou tap your phone against the hangtag and are immediately taken to a page with more information about the sneakers. You can read reviews, see additional colors and sizes available, and even book a virtual styling appointment with a sales rep.

You decide that you definitely want to purchase the sneakers, so you tap your phone against the hangtag again to make the purchase. The payment is processed securely and you are given a receipt on your phone. You can even opt to have the sneakers shipped to your home or pick them up at the store later.

Thanks to the NFC hangtag, you were able to easily access all the information you needed to make an informed purchase and complete the transaction without ever having to stand in line or interact with a salesperson. The entire process was quick, convenient, and contact-free.

Diageo's prototype "smart bottle" uses near-field communication technology to interact with consumers and deter counterfeiters.

External tags

In this instance, the NFC tags are applied to the outside of the products. This can be an easy and flexible solution if, for example, the tags are added to food packaging or similar where integration or additional hang tags might be problematic.

The 3 best ways to Integrate NFC into your Product Line Integrate NFC
Anti-counterfeiting NFC tag is launching on Ferngrove's bottled wines.

Features Overview

  • Invisible on your product
  • NFC can be integrated in many ways, with numerous decorative options
  • Excellent performance in comparison to QR Code technology
  • Little to no modification of your manufacturing
  • Anti-removal system
  • Active before and after opening
  • NFC lets you activate Brand Protection, Traceability, and Consumer Engagement services in combination or separately

Customer benefits

  • Brand protection / anti-counterfeiting: consumers can instantly verify product authenticity with their smartphone
  • Traceability: NFC allows you to follow your product throughout the supply chain and avoid parallel imports and grey markets
  • Consumer engagement: NFC offers promotional opportunities to recruit consumers via contests, discounts, & loyalty programs
  • Market intelligence: gain valuable insights into purchasing behavior thanks to instant consumer data collection and statistics reports

End consumer benefits

  • Product safety: authenticity can be controlled by a simple tap of a smartphone
  • Consumer empowerment: valuable information and personalized offers and rewards

Sustainability options


  • Premiumization
  • Anti-counterfeiting

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