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Traveling with NFC

Traveling with NFC

Back In 2011, (SAS) Scandinavian Airlines introduced a “Smart Pass” pilot program to some of their frequent fliers by giving them custom NFC tags to stick on the back of their phones with the aim of making the process of checking-in and boarding a flight “smoother and more time-efficient”. Those tags not only replaced their …

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3D printing Thermoplastics


Thermoplastics are the most frequently used materials in 3D printing, but the technology also includes the use of photopolymers, epoxy resins, metals, and more. Even edible materials such as chocolate are being used in 3D printers. Check out some of the materials we use to build our 3D Printed solutions.

Interior Decor-3D Printing Use Cases

3D printers enable people to 3D print lamps, tables, chairs, etc. Designers now have the ability to create interior decor on the spot. First, they will make a digital design of the decor and after that, they can make it reality by 3D printing it. Information contained within this page originally appeared on Formlabs.com

3D Printing in Signage and Retail Displays

The next generation of technology is transforming marketing and the way advertising & themed environments are created. With Additive Manufacturing, objects for retail, staging, display, events, and architectural design can be produced more affordably. Objects can be fabricated in any size and shape without the restrictions of traditional methods. 3D printing in signage and retail …

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Movies and Visual Effects-3D Printing Use Cases

3D printing has already been integrated into the production of Hollywood films and is widely used for practical visual effects and costuming. Whereas the creation of film’s most fantastic creatures once required meticulous handcraft, the increased deadline pressure and time demands of modern moviemaking have made a quicker method of creating practical effects vital. Effects …

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Art-3D Printing Use Cases

Sculptures The boom in “additive art” has been growing by degrees over the last decade or so, and we’ve seen 3D printing techniques infiltrate various corners of the art world, from consumer artworks to sculpture fit for the Smithsonian. Using 3D photographic scanning systems to create physical artwork, 3D printing processes can provide a lot …

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