Works with most filaments & Build surfaces

Glass Bed Release

Works with most filaments & Build surfaces

3D Printing Just Got Faster with 3DNFC Glass Bed Release

Say Goodbye to Slow Release Times

Maximize your 3D printing efficiency with the 3DNFC Glass Bed Release! It saves you time by speeding up the release process of your prints from the heated or cooled glass build surface. No more waiting around for the build plate to cool down before removing your prints.

Get a Glossy Finish & Quick Release

Glass beds are a popular choice among 3D printing enthusiasts and professionals due to their glossy finish and quick release. However, under some circumstances, removing prints from a cooled glass bed can still be a challenge. 3DNFC Glass Bed Release ensures that you get the best of both worlds – a glossy finish and quick release.
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Effortless Removal with Glass Bed Release and Your Print Removal Tool

While the 3DNFC Glass Bed Release is designed to make removing 3D prints from a glass bed faster and easier, sometimes certain prints and adhesives may require the use of your print removal tool. This is because some adhesives are stronger and can cause the prints to stick more firmly to the build surface. In such cases, using a print removal tool can be helpful in ensuring that the prints come off smoothly and without any damage to the surface. However, it’s always recommended to try removing the prints by hand before resorting to a print removal tool to avoid any unnecessary damage to the build surface.
Glass Bed Release

Adhesion & Cleaning

The 3DNFC Glass Bed Release agent is specially designed to loosen and remove 3D prints from hot or cold glass beds with less effort. It helps to soften or undercut common adhesives used in FDM 3D printing, preventing the buildup of deposits and debris. This makes it an excellent choice for cleaning your glass print surface as well.

Glass Bed Release

Eco-Friendly Solution

The environment is important, and we understand that. This eco-friendly agent dissolves on its own and promotes a faster separation from glass print surfaces, working with PET as well as most consumer-grade filaments.

Glass Bed Release

Versatile Use Cases

  • Separate FDM prints from glass (Borosilicate, Tempered), and PEI
  • Clean glass build plates and other materials
  • Remove common adhesives from glass and other materials

Get Your Time Back Now!

Experience the benefits of the 3DNFC Glass Bed Release today and take the first step to a faster, more efficient 3D printing process.

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