Pairing Bluetooth devices, or connecting to a new Wi-Fi network can be a real pain, especially if you forgot the password. NFC tags remove these pains by pairing devices with just a tap. Because NFC chips can securely store passwords and can relay pairing information, they are a great way to seamlessly connect a phone to a Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth speaker.

Tap-to-pair eliminates the need for users to search through lists of devices to connect to and manually enter a password. This method is easier for users and more secure because passwords are transmitted securely without having to be written down, where they are often shared.

The Apple Watch uses NFC to pair itself to gym equipment for more accurate workout statistics. Supported machines allow the health app to sync heart rate, distance traveled and calories burned between the watch and machine. Apple calls this functionality GymKit and is rolling out support to high-end gym equipment manufacturers.

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