Customized Shoes -3D Printing Use Cases

The sport-footwear industry has long relied on technology to optimize the performance of their products, and with the digital workflow, they have more options than ever in customization.Customized Shoes -3D Printing Use Cases shoes
Two limited-edition shoe models with 3D printed midsoles designed by New Balance and 3D printed using Formlabs SLA 3D printing technology.

Large brands like New Balance, Adidas, and Nike, having recognized the power of additive manufacture, intend to mass-produce custom midsoles made from 3D printed materials. As in other industries, the digital workflow will augment traditional methods of manufacture here—critical, highly-customized components of each product will be entrusted to 3D printing, and the rest left to traditional means.

In a field with such a passionate consumer-base, 3D printing also stands to empower customers directly. It will enable consumers to design their own shoes, for both personal and widespread consumption. The viral potential of this aspect of 3D printing has already been seized upon by brands.

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