TPE Material

Features of TPE material

TPE material or Thermoplastic Elastomer has a wide range of features, making it a suitable choice for various applications when it comes to 3D printing.

Fatigue resistant
TPE material is extremely fatigue resistant when it comes to flexing which makes it perfect for those applications where it will be required to flex. Due to its superb electrical properties, it is often found in applications where it is required to prevent electricity conduction such as wiring.


TPE is capable of heavy use, it is resistant to tearing, abrasions, and high impact. TPE material is also capable of withstanding temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius and as high as 140 degrees Celsius.

For businesses that are looking to enhance the way in which they work and improve their impact on the environment, Thermoplastic Elastomer is a specifically good material as it is recyclable.

Industries that use TPE material in 3D Printing

TPE filament is flexible. In fact, it is now a material that is beginning to replace traditional rubbers due to its wide range of benefits and uses. There are many different industries that use Thermoplastic Elastomer because its features offer them a number of advantages.

Food Contact TPE
The filament has been food-contact approved. Therefore it will often be found in baby spoons and toddler cup spouts. This is because it is free from concern-causing chemicals.

Medical and Healthcare
As a result of the high regulations regarding safety in this industry, TPE material is a perfect choice. Due to the fact it can be sterilized by using autoclaves and even gamma radiation. They can also be designed so that they can be biocompatible with high levels of purity and low levels of leachable substances. In some instances, they can be used in place of latex and even silicone.

Industries that use seals
There are many industries that use seals such as the marine and automotive industries. Traditionally, sealing rings have been developed using thermoset rubbers. Now TPE makes it possible to create two-component sealings that are colored and co-molded. There is an increased level of efficiency when using TPE material, which means that seals can be produced quicker than thermoset rubbers.

Wires and Cables
TPE material is used in industries that use wire and cable, fiber optic, and electrical applications. TPE offers a wide range of functionalities, it can be customized and it is perfect for engineering and prototyping.

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