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Wi-Fi Engage


Let’s face it. Remembering passwords is hard. Wi-Fi passwords are lengthy and complicated, this makes connecting to your network a pain. If you’d rather replace that cumbersome process with a single tap, you can easily use a Wi-Fi ENGAGE.

Allow your friends, guests, or customers to access your wireless network without having to tell them the password. With the Wi-Fi ENGAGE, all your friends, guests, and customers with an NFC-enabled phone can easily tap or scan to seamlessly and privately connect with your Wi-Fi Network!

Wi-Fi ENGAGE Magnet

Featuring a magnetic back and supported by both Android and iOS, the Wi-Fi ENGAGE is an eco-safe, easy-to-use NFC object that will pre-populate Wi-Fi connection details, without showing the password. Get your guests connected to your Wi-Fi network faster!

The Wi-Fi ENGAGE is great for:

  • Offices
  • Retail
  • Events
  • Home
  • And lots of other places!