Musical Instruments-3D Printing Use Cases

3D printing can even disrupt industries that have been in a static paradigm for years or centuries.

For instance, the manufacture of violins had been unchanged for several hundred years—an entirely manual process of master craftsmen, as automated manufacture has proved unable to produce the instrument to the necessary quality of finish. Owing to the precision of detailing that 3D printing is capable of, we have seen a hard-to-break industry disrupted.

Musical Instruments-3D Printing Use Cases Musical Instruments

Brian Chan, an engineer at Formlabs, created a fully-functional acoustic violin using Formlabs’ White Resin. The result was not only realistic in its finish, but fully playable too.

As the customization and specification of musical instruments have proven costly in the past, 3D printing capabilities should lead to key changes in the market as new and valuable designs are made possible, potentially paving the way for the creation of entirely new instruments.

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