Model making-3D Printing Use Cases

Model making is another niche practice to which the 3D workflow is ideally suited. Where realistic reproductions were once inordinately expensive or impossible to model, the quality of detailing and finish possible through 3D printing methods have made the production of realistic, detailed miniatures and scale models more affordable and easier.

CAD can make light work of formerly complex modeling challenges, empowering designers to essentially reverse engineer a structure as complex as an engine from 3D scans or SpaceX rockets.

The in-house production aspect of the digital workflow enables a business that revolves around custom modeling to scale in a traditionally niche market. For example, DM-Toys’ extensive integration of desktop 3D printers has enabled them both to disrupt the long-standing European model railway market, and deliver to customers more quickly and more cheaply.Model making-3D Printing Use Cases Model making
3D printing is ideal to create realistic, detailed miniatures and scale models.

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