Automobiles-3D Printing Use Cases

The automotive industry has been tapping the potential of 3D printing for decades already. 3D printing is extremely useful in rapid prototyping and has proved capable of significantly reducing design times and lead times on new car models.3D printing has also augmented manufacturing workflow within the industry. Custom jigs, fixtures, and other tooling that might be required for a single-car part, particularly when high-performance machines are concerned, once required an array of custom tools, adding cost and making the process as a whole more and more complex.With 3D printing, custom jigs and other low volume parts can be created directly for the production line. Manufacturers can cut lead times by up to 90% and lower risk with the integration of 3D printing processes. Through streamlining with in-house production the manufacturing process as a whole grows more efficient and more profitable.Automobiles-3D Printing Use Cases automobiles At a production facility of Pankl Racing Systems, engineers use 3D printed custom jigs in motorcycle gear manufacturing.As the quality of the digital workflow continues to increase, as materials get better and processes more affordable, we will see more and more 3D printed parts in cars, increasing the scope for design customization and resulting in better performance. Some companies are already working on fully 3D printed cars.
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