Jewelry -3D Printing Use Cases

3D printing is instigating a design revolution in jewelry. Creating 3D printed pieces that had a comparable look and feel to traditionally handcrafted and cast jewelry used to be a challenge. However, following the latest round of advances in specialist high-end 3D modeling programs, and with more printable materials on offer, more and more jewelry designers now prefer to 3D model and print their designs over traditional handcrafted methods.

Jewelry 3D printers create pieces from resin or wax, based on the 3D model of the jeweler’s design. Digital models can be easily edited, which makes prototyping jewelry with 3D printing incredibly cheap and convenient. The buying experience is made more tactile as a result—clients can now try on prototypes of pieces they have helped design to ensure it looks and feels just right before purchasing. The final designs can then be 3D printed and cast in a mold using the same workflow as with traditional jewelry. The results can be stunning:Jewelry -3D Printing Use Cases Jewelry

Jewelry pieces cast using 3D printed pattern produced with stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing technology. With the digital workflow complementing traditional production methods, and more new designers entering the workshop equipped with CAD/CAM skills, custom jewelry is rapidly becoming more accessible, enabling jewelry makers and retailers to forge closer relationships with their customers.

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