Fashion and Smart Clothing (On the Horizon)-3D Printing Use Cases

One area in which the commercial and artistic potential of 3D printing will likely collide is in the field of fashion and smart clothing. As the pallet of materials and textiles usable in the 3D workflow increases, designers will be afforded an immense range of new possibilities.

Not only can 3D printing technology alter the production of textiles—but it will also provide the opportunity to create new textiles that are, for example, bulletproof, fireproof, and capable of retaining heat. This particular branch of 3D workflow has yet to be perfected, but in the near future, we will see 3D printed clothing graduate from museums and haute couture to the boutique.

Artists empowered by the workflow have also used 3D smart clothing as “personalized, wearable, data-driven sculpture” with an artistic purpose.

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