Construction-3D Printing Use Cases


As an industry already based on geometric design, prototyping and modeling, architecture stands to gain enormously from advances in 3D printing technology. We’ve seen the digital workflow produce complex architectural scale models in full detail, improving the 3D modeling phase of architectural design.

On top of saving time during model production, the 3D printed models allow architects to anticipate the effects of certain design features with much greater certainty, e.g., by seeing a model produced with a fuller complement of materials, an architect can measure aspects such a light flow through the structure with higher precision.

The high presentation value of having such an exact model also means that 3D printing can be an acute commercial tool for firms looking to win projects and commissions by showing off the full attributes of their design.

Construction-3D Printing Use Cases Construction
A digital model of an architectural plan, next to its scale model counterpart created with 3D printing.

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