3D Printing And NFC solutions

7 Great ways to start Using 3d printing and NFC together in your small business

There are many potential ways in which 3D printing and NFC (Near Field Communication) technology could be used together to benefit your small business. 3DNFC makes it easy to implement the end products of 3D printing and NFC technology in your business. 3D printed N95 compatible mask & safety glasses frame with NFC How can …

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Small businesses can benefit from NFC

5 ways NFC Technology can help your small business

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a technology that allows devices to communicate wirelessly with each other when they are in close proximity, typically a few centimeters apart. This can be used to facilitate a variety of transactions and exchanges, including payments, data transfer, and access control. Small businesses can benefit from NFC in several ways, we’ll …

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How Targeted NFC Campaigns Work

NFC campaigns use chips or tags in brochures, in-store signs, posters, flyers, mailers, manuals, instruction sheets, coupons, business cards, or products to drive people to a website, a video, a contest, or any online destination.

Exclusive Content

Products embedded with NFC can also provide exclusive content to customers, using NFC rolling code as a key to ensure only those with an original product can access the content. This exclusivity allows things like eTickets, mp3s, videos, and more to be included with purchase. Transforming physical items into an omnichannel experience opens up new …

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Product Authentication

Counterfeits have arisen as a real threat to customers seeking legitimate products, especially with fakes increasingly sold on legitimate sites like Amazon, Facebook, and Instagram. While some brands try to thwart these efforts with holograms, micro-threading, and QR codes, NFC provides the most secure product authentication. Once a legitimate product is embedded with NFC at …

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Password Replacement

Let’s face it. Remembering passwords is hard. Every password should be unique, and every site has its own password requirements. It’s a lot to remember. There has to be a better way. And with NFC there is. Using a physical chip, NFC enables users to authenticate themselves to systems such as websites, apps, physical doors, …

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One of the most powerful uses of NFC is security. Similar to how NFC payments are made more secure with a rolling code, the same technology can be used to verify users, products, and ensure content exclusivity.

Embedded Experiences

While NFC is a great technology for making purchases, it arguably provides more value after the sale, during an item’s use. Because NFC tags are small, durable, lightweight, and inexpensive they can be embedded into physical products that would otherwise have no digital connectivity. Once embedded with NFC, those products can drive to online content …

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