Better Marketing with Smart Signage

NFC technologies are opening new channels of interactive marketing through Smart Signage. NFC allows the user to swipe their phone over NFC-enabled devices and have a website launch on their phone. NFC is built into most new smartphones, which means a secondary app is not required for users to view NFC content, and this leads to much higher consumer utilization.

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One example of how NFC can enhance the marketing experience is through a wayfinding directory kiosk that guides users to their desired destination in an office building. By incorporating NFC into the wayfinding kiosk, the directory listings can include a “more info” link that will send the user to the company’s website on their smartphone when they swipe over that link and thus giving the company the ability to communicate much more information to the user than would be reasonably possible through a wayfinding solution alone.

Additionally, with Smart Signage kiosks that are running video advertisements, each advertisement can include a call to action that the user can swipe using an NFC-enabled phone, and that will launch a contact submission form on the user’s phone. While users are often less likely to submit their personal information on a public device, by launching the submit form on the user’s phone through the NFC swipe, the consumer can feel more secure about submitting their information, and this increases your marketing conversion rate.

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Warhol Women
Warhol Women

Digital experiences can also be added to in-person events. For example, Lévy Gorvy leveraged NFC to add digital experiences to its “Warhol Women” exhibition, creating an even more interactive experience lasting beyond the in-person event.

Consider Leveraging NFC technology to further engage your customers, secure product authenticity, and increase your customer’s lifetime value.

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