Aerospace -3D Printing Use Cases

Minimizing weight is a primary way in which 3D printing has enabled the aerospace industry to make a considerable saving. The lower volume of components required in a 3D printed construction of a part leads to parts that are lighter overall—this seemingly small change to production positively affects an aircraft’s payload, emissions, and fuel consumption and speed, and safety, all the while markedly reducing production waste. As in numerous other fields, the workflow also allows the production of components simply too complex for traditional methods to handle.Aerospace -3D Printing Use Cases Aerospace GE engineers 3D printed a fuel nozzle and managed to combine 20 parts into a single unit that weighed 25% less than its predecessors and was more than five times as durable. (source: GE)The likes of GE, Boeing, and Airbus have endorsed the value of 3D printing, and are already incorporating thousands of 3D printed parts into their vessels.Information contained within this page originally appeared on
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