25 industries currently using or exploring the use of 3D printing

Prototyping and printing TPU MedicalVisualizing 3D printing-driven changes in the way things are made does not require the feats of imagination it once did. As workflows have developed over the last several years and gained footholds in various industries, we are beginning to see that potential demonstrated. From healthcare to consumer goods, architecture, and manufacturing, the public is interacting more and more with the end products of 3D printing.

Manufacturing & Engineering

1. Automobiles
2. Jewelry
3. Onshoring
4. Spare & Replacements Parts
5. Aerospace
6. Glasses and Eyewear
7. Shoes
8. Fashion and Smart Clothing (On the Horizon)
9. Model making


10. Audiology
11. Dentistry
12. Prosthetics
13. Surgery
14. 3D Printed Organs (On the Horizon)


15. Architecture


16. Sculptures
17. Movies and Visual Effects
18. Dance and Music
19. Musical Instruments
20. Art Restoration


21. Forensics
22. Paleontology

Near-Future Use Cases

23. Housing and Construction
24. Recreating History
25. A New Space Race

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