SLEM researched the possibilities of 3D printed footwear

3D Printing Footwear with SLEM 3D Printing Footwear

SLEM, an innovation and education center for the footwear industry, has asked Tractus3D to cooperate in a 3D printing project for shoes. The goal is to research how the amount of material waste can be reduced as much as possible while exploring new and existing methods for the rapid customization of digital models for every customer.

The name for this footwear institute, SLEM, is an acronym that stands for shoes, leather, education and museum. This institute provides a unique full-time masters program for footwear innovators along with a wide range of short courses and workshops for both students and professionals. SLEM found out that FDM technology and other approaches like FFF production arguably represent the most cost-effective solution for customizing soles. Shoes created using these processes are particularly effective in tailoring sole designs to the unique needs of wearers. 

In addition to 3d printed shoes, the institute has seen the development of shoes with sensors that can send emergency text messages should something happen to the wearer. A heat sensor detects that you’re wearing the shoes and a motion sensor tracks your activities. If no movement has been detected within a period of, for example, half an hour, satellites will register this and send out a call for help. 
From shape and comfort to endurance applications like sports, the ultimate goal for shoe companies in the future will be a quick turnaround from receiving customer data to delivery back to customers. Getting the soles printed, optimized, produced, and delivered to customers within a day.

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