Innovative Solutions for Your Small Business

Entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to stay competitive in today’s market are turning to 3D printing. This innovative technology allows for the creation of small quantities of high-quality products with ease.

3D Printing And NFC solutions

NFC brings the benefits of digital marketing to physical products and packages

By embedding an NFC chip, customers can easily access information about your products simply by waving their smartphones over the smart object.
Smart objects can be easily updated and managed from any internet-connected device.

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Glass Bed Release

Glass Bed Release

The 3DNFC Glass Bed Release agent is an eco-friendly solution designed to help you quickly loosen and remove 3D prints from hot or cold glass beds and other build surfaces. 3DNFC Glass Bed Release dissolves on its own, promotes a faster separation from glass print surfaces, and works with PETG as well as most other consumer-grade filaments.


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